The Women Behind Mimic

What started as a need for a quarantine workout buddy turned into something so much more. In between the workouts, girl talks, and online karaoke sessions (yes, we did that) - were moments of deep reflection that the pandemic has made us realize; Health is beyond fitness, its mental, spiritual, and emotional too. Always surround yourself with people who uplift you yet help you stay grounded. Empowered women, empowering women.
We are a brand that aspires to inspire more sustainable & conscious practices by tapping into nature-inspires solutions to fitness design. We believe that Eco is the way to go and that it is about time design helps not only people, but also the planet thrive.
It's nothing fancy really! It's simply the conscious effort to do something for the earth. In our case, it's giving back, one workout at a time.
Here's to win-win situations!
In Fitness & In Health,
The Mimic Team


Women behind the Mimic Movement